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Pouch - Veganuary

“I’m going to get healthy in the New Year” - Literally everyone at some point...

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Thanks to the growing Veganuary movement, a UK non-profit organization that promotes veganism by encouraging people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January, it is easier than ever to come together with other health-conscious people. The goal is to contribute to improving your health, preserving the state of the environment, reducing climate change, and helping to save the lives of animals.

But why stop here? Now that you've put in all the effort and started creating new healthy habits, why not keep the momentum going and stick to your 2022 resolutions?

We here at Pouch want to make living a healthy lifestyle as affordable as possible. Don't overspend on healthy products, when you can use our free Browser Extension that will automatically apply any available Voucher Codes at the checkout page. Install Pouch now and save when shopping online on shops like MyVegan, iHerb, Sainsburys and many more!

Pouch - How easy it works

Don’t waste your time endlessly scrolling and focus on your goals. Let Pouch do the voucher search for you.

P.S.: You can now check out our new feature Pouch Points! It lets you earn points with participating retailers and use them to redeem Gift Cards - that simple!


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