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Favourite Brands is now live!

We have some amazing news for our Pouch Members - Our new feature Favourite Brands is now live and is going to make the internet a better place for you to shop!

How is this going to improve your online shopping experience? Favourite Brands is taking personalised shopping to a whole new level! You can now have the brands you love in one place and never miss a deal from them again! You'll get instantly notified when one of your favourite brands has an offer.

But wait, there is more. Get an extra 100 points once you add your favourite brands!

What are you waiting for?

Follow the steps below and start adding your favourite brands now.

How it works.

Log in to Pouch

Step #1

Sign up for your free Pouch account or log in if you already have an account.

Step #2

Discover and add your favourite brands. You'll find an overview of all our brands, where you can select your favourite ones.

Turn on notifications

Step #3

As one of our tasks, in your account go to the notification settings, turn on web push and email notifications & get rewarded with an extra 100 points.

It's that simple. Get notified immediately to never miss a deal from your favourite brands again!

Still have more questions about Favourite Bands? Please head over to our dedicated FAQ section.


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