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Do you want to find out some unconventional ideas to save money? As inflation surges, more and more people are switching to frugal living. Here, we’ll highlight some ways you can save some cash that you may not have considered before!

Reuse plastic bottles

First of all, if you do want to get rid of your plastic bottles, remember to recycle them. However, the real creative people are saving even more by reusing plastic bottles - all you need is a cool idea and a pair of scissors. They could become the containers for your flowers and plants or ‘interesting’ glasses for your wine

Iron your clothes without an iron

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to get wrinkles out of your clothes, why not hang them in the bathroom while you shower? The steam will leave them smooth and ready to go.

Another method is to use a pot or a pan. Here is how: put a towel on a hard surface to work on, heat the pot or pan on a stove, then lightly spray water on the piece of clothing you’re working with. Simply place the hot pot on top of the clothing and you can start to de-wrinkle it.

Eat well, but pay less on food

Do you often crave eating out but do not want to hurt your wallet? You could use a surplus food app like TooGoodToGo to find discounted meals and cafes nearby. They can be 50% cheaper than the normal price because the businesses want to sell their remaining food before closing.

Never, ever pay full price when shopping online

Offers and sales are out there, you just need to find them! I know, I know, you don’t always make an effort to search for discount codes and vouchers. And even if you do, copying and pasting tons of codes can get very time-consuming. What if you get the lowest price automatically every time you shop online? 200,000+ UK shoppers save money and time with Pouch, a handy little browser add-on.

It pops up at the checkout page on thousands of websites and applies the biggest discount to your shopping cart automatically.

You can use Pouch on retailers including eBay, UberEats, Sainsbury's, Shein, Currys, Euro Car Parts, KwikFit, and many more. In addition, you can earn Pouch Points - a way to benefit even when voucher codes aren’t available, as you can earn a percentage of your purchase back in points and exchange them for gift cards.

Do more home remedies instead of going to beauty salons

Do you drink tea? Do you eat potatoes? Do you cook with coconut oil? If you answered “yes” to any of these, there is potential to save a ton on beauty services.

Add water to your last drop of shampoo

This also applies to soaps. Just soak the old scraps of soap and press them together to create a new bar. Even if the money you save by doing this is small, it’s satisfying!

Of course, another way you could save is by learning how to cut your own hair with YouTube! But if you don’t want to take that risk, you can save money on your next haircut by using Pouch at retailers like Treatwell and Groupon!

Do you find these tips useful? What are your big ideas for saving money daily? By the way, don’t forget to install Pouch and let it do the voucher search for you.

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Oct 31, 2022

Give up smoking. Get rid of your dog and Netflix.

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